Climbing Frames & Cows - An Evening Bike Ride

Growing up in a highly populated area, I've always confessed to being a city girl through and through. Moving to the countryside to start a new life with my family was a massive, massive change for me. I would still consider myself to be a city girl, despite living in the countryside for 5 years. I love it here, I love being able to go for nice walks, being so close to the beach and the mountains and so much beautiful scenery, but I've never fully embraced the way of life here.

I thought it was time we started enjoying our surroundings a little bit more, and what better way to explore the local area than with a bike. We decided to upgrade our cycling equipment so we could start going out as a family.

Last night after the kids had been tucked in to bed, we asked Granda if he would kindly keep an eye on things so we could make the most of the nice weather and head out for a bike ride together.

We cycled to a picnic spot about 2 miles away and stopped for a little drink, which gave us a chance to admire the beautiful landscape. I have said it before, but we are so lucky to live in an area of such stunning natural beauty.

It was such a beautiful clear night, perfect conditions for a shot of the mourne mountains in the distance. I forgot to pack the good camera, but my iPhone takes pretty good photos too.

After our little rest we continued on our adventure when we stopped near a field of cows. The cows thought we had come to feed them, and so all came over to us. Being a city girl, I still haven't gotten over the novelty of living close to livestock. Naturally, I had to take a selfie with my new pals.


After saying goodbye to my new pals we cycled on for a bit before stoppingat a play park. Whenever I take the kids to the park I'm always so desperate to join in, but a grown woman screaming on a climbing frame would probably scare the children so I refrain from doing that. The park was empty last night meaning I could pretend I was 5 and have a go on everything. I thought I was clever climbing to the top of a rope climbing thing before realising how high I was, I'm really not a big fan of heights! I spent the next five minutes squealing, my husband was shouting at me to put my arms around his neck so he could lift me down, and we both nearly ended up on the floor.

Lesson learned, climbing frames are for children, not 27 year old women.

After our little play at the park, we cycled for home. The sun was about to disappear on the horizon, and so I stopped for one more snap of this gorgeous sunset against the beautiful landscape.

It was so nice to get out for a bit, just the two of us. It is a very rare occasion that we get an evening out together! Both of us are trying to get fit and cycling is a great activity. We hope to get out a few times a week together on my days off.

The next step now is to get the kids riding confidently so we can start going on cycling adventures as a family. We are going to take the kids out to practice over the next few months, and hopefully once the summer holidays have started we can all go out on our bikes together and explore the local area.
What is your favourite outdoor activity as a family? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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  1. Where you live looks so beautiful much better then newcastle xx

    1. Ah it is beautiful but I miss Newcastle every day x

  2. Gosh, you do live in a beautiful area! I've always been in the country but we're a little flat here, be nice to have a few hills :-) My boys and I like to take our 2 dogs for walks, we also get to pass some cows which are a bonus! Once the littlest one can ride a bike we'll be out on bike rides also.

    1. We had a bike trailer for the kids when they were younger which was handy, meant we could go about on the bikes and they could sit in the trailer watching the world go by. They are in the limbo stage now where they are too big for the trailer but not quite big enough to cycle independantly.

  3. It looks a lovely place for a cycle ride. We have a disused railway cycle path near us which we cycle along but it's nowhere near as picturesque. #pocolo

    1. It is a beautiful area for cycling, I guess the only downfall is theres a lot of narrow country roads which aren't the safest place to take children cycling on. I love the idea of a dedicated cycle path.

  4. What a fun trip! I so enjoy this bike trip of yours are its like I am with you. Love climbing those ropes. When I am with my son in the playground I also do play with him =P #pocolo

  5. WoW! Lovely place for cycling. Although I dont know cycling but it is a good exercise and useful for health. Thanks for sharing your nice pictures :)