My Reasons to be Cheerful

I wouldn't necessarily say I was an unhappy person, but I certainly don't think I am as happy as I could be. Or should be.

I will admit, sometimes I am guilty of complaining. I complain about the usual things, Monday mornings, getting up early for the school run or work, running out of coffee, the weather, the kids making a mess minutes after I have tidied, having too much washing to sort through... It all sounds so trivial when it is written down, but it's very easy to spend the week complaining about little things like that.

I'm making myself sound like a right moany old cow, and I'm not! I don't spend the whole week moaning, but I definitely spend more time complaining than I do appreciating. For example, if my husband asks me how my day has been, i will usually find a negative to tell a story about, like someone being rude to me on the phone at work or something.

It's often the little negatives that stick in the mind, the fact that the rest of the day went well is often forgotten. When I sit on a Sunday and think about the previous week, I'm likely to remember Monday as the day I slept in, even if the rest of Monday was a good day.

Ok, so I think we may have established that I might be a bit of a moany so and so after all!

I really need to learn to just let go of the not so good parts of the day, because in the grand scheme of things they are really quite insignificant.

I have so much to be grateful for.

An so, I have made the decision to start each day with a more positive outlook. I'm going to focus on the little things more, like my daughter singing her latest song to me, or seeing the joy on my sons face when he shows off his latest build on Minecraft.

I think to really enjoy those little everyday moments you have to really appreciate what you have got in life, so my reasons to be cheerful this week are the most important things in my life, the things that are constant, part of the bigger picture...

My family My family are the biggest reason for me to be cheerful. I truely have been blessed with two wonderful children. I often look at them and feel like I'm going to burst with the amout of love and pride I have for them. I also feel very lucky to have my husband. We may not be perfect, and we have our fair share of arguments but I love that man to bits and I don't know where I would be without him! (He's going to tell me to stop being a loser when he reads this, he's not in to soppy stuff at all!). I'm also very grateful for my mam. I only really see her once a year now because we just can't afford to travel across to each other much, but I know she's always there for me when I need her, and she is a great nana to the kids. I couldn't mention my family without mentioning the cats, they are my little furry babies after all!

My Blog When I started blogging last year I didn't realise what joy it would bring me. I just love sitting down while the kids are at school and planning my next post, taking pictures with my beautiful Nikon camera (I'm a little bit in love with my camera!) and just sitting down to write posts. I love it all, and I'm so pleased I made the decision to start blogging in 2014.

My House My house may not be perfect, it doesn't look like the houses I lust over on Pinterest, it's a bit messy, there are toys everywhere, the laundry baskets are full to bursting... but you know what, it just feels like home to me. We have a nice front garden where the children can play, a big kitchen table that we can all sit around to eat or dinner and chat about our day, there are happy memories framed on the walls, a lovely stove to keep up warm and cosy, I couldn't really ask for more!

When I sit down and think about it, I have so much to be cheerful for! I'm going to try my hardest not to complain about silly things, to instead try to focus on the good things that happen every week, and I think I'm going to feel a hell of a lot better for it!

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  1. Thanks for joining in! I found that being part of the linky helped pull me out of a dark hole and made me feel so much happier. A messy house is lived in house :-)

  2. Lovely reasons and starting with a positive thought really helps x

  3. A messy house does not usually stay that way forever either! Lovely reasons, especially as you say that you run out of coffee sometimes, which would be a real crisis in this house!

  4. It's a good plan to focus on the good stuff. Rather have a lived in home than a perfect house. Life is about family, not possessions. Mind you, saying that... I also love my Nikon! :-)

  5. What a wonderful post. This is exactly why reasons was started, to realise that we have so much good in our lives, that gets hidden. I hope you join in again, I look forward to reading x

  6. Starting my days, particuly a Monday with positive attitude has worked wonders for me! I'm still very much trying to be more positive. Going back to happy basics is always good!xx