Alphabet photo project - C is for...

C is for Caitlin and her Cats.

Caitlin is a tiny cat lady in training. From a very young age she would always squeal in delight at the sight of a cat in the street, and often chase them shouting "tat, tat!" (she has some trouble with her c's)
She has cat bags, cat pictures, cat t-shirts, cat everything.

For her birthday this year we surprised her with two adorable little kittens of her own, which she named Poffy & Candy.

She absolutely dotes on the cats and can often be found snuggling on the sofa with one of them, or feeding them little treats, or climbing on a kitchen chair to reach the sink to fill their water bowl, and it's very sweet to watch her. I have a feeling she's going to grow up to be a very loving cat owner.

As usual I am linking up with the fabulous Alphabet Project over at PODcast, please do pop over and have a look at the other lovely photo's this week.

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  1. So cute, I think she will be a super cat lady! <3

  2. So sorry Lauren totally missed your post! What adorable photos, sounds like Caitlin is loving having Poffy and Candy around. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto