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Our cats, Poffy & Candy, have been with us for a little over 18 months. In that time, they have never really been outside. We decided from the word go that they would be kept exclusively indoors.

It's worked well for us, and until now they have never really shown much interest in the outside world, other than bird watching from the window. When we open the front or back door they tend to sit a few meters away to watch what is going on, but no real attempts to go outside have been made.

One evening this week I went out to sit in the garden to read a book because it was a relatively nice night (and by 'nice night' I mean it wasn't raining, for the first time in what feels like weeks). I looked up to see Poffy cat crawling across the grass like a stealth ninja.

Her inquisitive nature had clearly got the better of her, and she had decided to come out and investigate the garden that she has seen only through glass for so long.  I decided to let her explore for a little, figuring she would be too nervous to actually go anywhere.

For ten minutes, she pawed cautiously around the garden, and I was quite happy to let her do so. The garden was rabbit proofed when we got our rabbits, so any gaps in the fence or gate were filled in with wire, meaning her only way out would be to jump, and I knew I could probably intercept her before she pounced.

Of course, being a curious kitty, she decided she had to explore beyond the gate, and somehow she found a whole in the wire and just stepped through it, as casual as you like. That is when I started to panic, and foolishly ran down to get her, which startled her and she darted off in to the next door neighbours garden to hide in a bush.

I did manage to coax her out, but it's safe to say that by the time we got back in the house, we were both a bit shaken from the experience. I think that will be the end of her outdoor escapades, for a while at least.

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  1. Aww! Bless her....What an adventure though.
    My neighbours cat is an indoor cat and he managed to get out last week into our back yard...Our poor neighbour knocked at our door in a panic asking us to catch it....We did and he was returned safely. Phew!

  2. Oh, bless! I bet you were both as scared as each other! She looks gorgeous x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Traumatic! I had indoor cats for years and was like a mother hen everytime they stepped outside.. And yes at one point two of them did have leads! #wotw

  4. That sounds like a bit of a shock for both of you. I think I would have panicked too. #wotw

  5. We have indoor cats, they too go into the garden when we are out but the boy does like to jump the fence! It can be quite stressful. At least she got to have a look around for a bit x

  6. Aww bless her. Our cat is an indoor cat and her first experience was very much like yours but now we can leave the door open and she just sits by the door watching the world go by. Sometimes she ventures a little but never out of our garden x #WotW

  7. Oh how cute! My friend has an indoor cat and it's always interesting to see how she observes outside from afar, unsure but she loves sitting no the balcony with the wind in her fur, surveying all that she can see.