Meet Missy Snowflake Elf

On Friday when the children came home from school they found a tiny mystery door in our hallway.

Baffled by the door, the kids spent the whole of Saturday speculating as to what lay behind the door, and why it was there.

There were lots of ideas thrown around. After much discussion, and lots of bickering, Neil decided it must be something to do with Alice and Wonderland, because the door was very small but Alice could make her self small to fit through such tiny doors.

On Sunday morning, they awoke to find a message on our chalkboard table.

The message told them that a special parcel had been delivered through the door and had been left for them under the table.

The kids couldn't wait to open the box and see what was inside. They carefully opened the lid, and peeled back the red paper to reveal.... 

An Elf!

Yes, inside the box was a cute little lady elf named Missy. 

Packaged up with Missy was a beautiful Christmas Journal, and Elf Report Card, some children's behavior charts, an elf passport and her own little sleepy suit.

Also in the box was a letter from Santa, asking the kids if it was OK if Missy stayed with us for a while. The letter said that she would be staying until Christmas eve, and would report back her findings to Santa. We were asked to also report on Missy's behavior with the Elf Report Card.

The kids were so excited to have an elf come to stay with them, and nicknamed her Missy 'Snowflake' Elf.

So Missy will be staying with us until Christmas eve, and hopefully will be having a lot of festive fun with us over the next 24 days! Hopefully she will behave herself and won't get up to too much mischief..... but you know what those elves are like!

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  1. Ah she's lovely! I'm hoping next year our elf gets his own door in stead of using the front door!

  2. Oh, she is so adorable! I love how the door appeared, and then the chalkboard message. All so magical, and I do like the Elf Report Card, that'll be fun! Thanks for sharing with #ElfTakeover, looking forward to seeing what Missy Snowflake gets up to!

  3. Arrrr what a lovely Elf!! I have a fear of ventriloquist dummies and found the actual Elves quite simular..finally manned up and bought one and joined in the fun this year though. Your package is so cute!!

  4. I am loving all the elf posts!! Missy Snowflake is so cute!! Love her arrival!

  5. I love the little Elf door, one to add to my list of things to do. I love the pack your elf arrived with. I hope you have lots of elf fun x