Christmas Mischief....

This December we have been looking after a mischievous little Elf, Missy Snowflake.

I've only just realised it is the 16th (how???), and I haven't shared any of her misbehaving yet... and believe me there has been plenty of it! So here is a little update on our time with Missy.

 Things Started off so well when she made the kids a Rudolph breakfast... 

...but went downhill a bit after that.

There were a few nights of fun and games....

Until it all went horribly wrong and Missy hurt her leg trying to navigate the kids messy bedrooms.

She get her own back and toilet papered our tree..

Feeling bad for the tree incident, Missy brought a Santa  key for us, which was great because Neil had been worrying about how Santa would get through our stove.

We've certainly had our work cut out for us over the last 16 days! As our time with us nears an end, I wonder if she will up her game with her next set of surprises?

Do you have an elf staying with you this Christmas? Has she been naughty or nice?

The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover

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  1. Oh, her 'bandaged' leg did make me laugh! Looks like she's been having lots of fun! Thanks for sharing with #Elftakeover x

  2. Oh I love the fact that your Elf has been a wee bit mischievous! The toilet roll on the tree is great & the tripping over their messy rooms is genius - I hope it made them tidy up!
    I think our Elf may have to be a cheekier next week in the countdown to Christmas!
    Popping over from #ElfTakeover

  3. Looks like there's been a lot of elf fun. I love the scrabble idea and the poorly leg. I hope she's feeling better ;) #ElfTakeover