Living Arrows 03-11-14

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day on Sunday and we decided to go out for a walk before dinner. I love going out for walks with them because they are so interested in everything around them, and they regularly stop to investigate things that I probably would never have noticed without them.

I love this photo because I think it really captures their inquisitive nature.

We had spotted some cows in the field, and the two of them were straight over to investigate. They climbed on to the gate to get a better look before they both started moo-ing to see if the cows would reply. Most of the cows looked up at us in disgust, which Neil & Caitlin both thought was hilarious.

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  1. Great photo!
    (visiting from Living Arrows)

  2. Beautiful weather indeed! Can I just say amazing photo. #LivingArrows

  3. That's a gorgeous photo - such a lovely perspective and beautiful light :)