Word of the Week - Poorly

Wow, it's Friday again, how did that happen? We've all been struck with the dreaded lurgy, so my word of the week this week is...

I wasn't feeling my best last week, and I was working all weekend so didn't get a chance to rest, and so I've felt rough all week. I thought it had missed the rest of the house but at the start of the week my hubby and Neil started feeling a bit rough too. Neil has been off school since Tuesday with a high temperature, headache and nasty cough.

We've done so little it feels like we've lost a whole week.

Caitlin seemed to have been lucky as she didn't catch our man flu, but last night before bed she complained her tummy was sore, then she threw up at 1am. I hate when the kids are sick in the night, because you can't sleep with worry that they might be sick in their sleep and choke. I spent the night sitting dozing in and out of sleep on the sofa next to her, darting up at the slightest sound. She must have just eaten something that upset her tummy a little bit, because other than a slight temperature this morning she has been ok.

I'm feeling better, it's nice to not have a headache for the first time in over a week! Hopefully the rest of the clan will be feeling better over the next couple of days so we can get out and about, feels like we've been stuck indoors forever.

Here's to the weekend, hope you have a fabulous time whatever you are all up to!
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  1. Oh no, it's awful when everyone is poorly. I hope everyone feels better soon and you all have a better week next week x

  2. Awww hope all of you will get well soon! My son has got a bad cough and he is complaining this morning to I doze him with calpol. I am so glad its Friday now and he will have a chance to rest tomorrow and Sunday. #wotw

  3. Oh you poor things. That sounds like a horrible week. We have had a bug here too...and a tummy ache and slight temperature along with a cough seemed to be the order of the day! So perhaps it wasn't something your little one ate, but the lurgy too!!

  4. Oh no, your poor household. It's awful when your little ones are ill and they're suffering, isn't it? made all the worse when you're under the weather yourself. Hope next week's healthier all round x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  5. Oh no, I hope everyone feels better soon. My little girl was sick last night too, so we didn't get much sleep either. It's awful when they are like that isn't it. x

  6. Sending get well soon wishes to you and your family. I really don't like the word poorly xx

  7. Oh no! I hope you all feel better soon.....It's awful when everyone is ill x

  8. Oh no - everyone being poorly is horrible. Fingers crossed this is the last time that happens for a long time.